​​The Lavender Clinic 

 ...everyone deserves a little T.L.C.

Beatrice "trissa" Walter

Speech Pathologist and Vocalogist


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Counseling Therapist

Morgan Hawk

Director Youth Programs and Events & Fundraising

Jess Logan

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Counseling Therapist


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Director Behavioral Health and Therapist

Samuel Hawk

Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine

CEO / Founder

Specializes in Primary Care, LGBQ Health, and Transgender and Intersex Health and this clinic is the only clinic in Hawaii that specializes in Transgender Health. He is also a WPATH Provider.

Renee Rumler

Doctorate of Medicine

Clinical Director

The Lavender Clinic

We are a non-profit health clinic that provides

healthcare, leadership, programs, education, and services for the 

Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Intersex Communities, and 
for ALL communities of Hawaii regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Trey Fenton

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CSAC

Counseling Therapist

Molly Bahr

​Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Counseling Therapist